All information needed to perform the essential duties of the job are provided at the workplace at the time when you are on duty. Information provided on this website is intended for your personal use and curiosity only. Some may, for personal reasons wish to have this information during off duty times. Please understand that the District does not expect work to be performed during off duty times, nor is it authorized without specific approval of your supervisor. Please contact your supervisor or manager if you have any questions about whether activity during off times is authorized or allowed.

Some operators may choose to cut/paste information from this website in order to create their own versions of train cards or route maps. Again, this is not authorized and you will not be paid for the time spent in creating these personal documents. On occasion, routes and schedules may be modified during the course of a run board. Operators are required to operate RTD routes according to the most recent version of the train card and map. Do not rely solely on self created documents without checking for periodic updates. Over reliance on self created documents may be viewed by RTD Management as a need for additional training in order for operators to successfully perform their duties.

RTD does not warrant the accuracy of the information on the website. Updates and corrections may be made without notice.

I have read and accept these terms.

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