Joint Development of Real Property

Joint development of RTD’s real property can be initiated by RTD or by a private developer.

RTD Solicitations

RTD does not currently have any joint development Requests For Proposals out for consideration.

Unsolicited Proposals

An unsolicited proposal is a submittal to RTD on the initiative of a private or public developer for the purpose of obtaining a contract for joint development with RTD.

RTD has specific guidelines and requirements that apply to all Unsolicited Proposals.

Unsolicited Proposal Procedure Steps

Unsolicited Proposal Procedure Steps Steps

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The RTD Board approved the Unsolicited Proposal Policy for Real Property in December 2015. The eight-step procedure implements Part B of the policy and is expected to take anywhere from a year and a half to three years. RTD may, at any time, choose not to proceed further with the evaluation.

Unsolicited Proposal Procedure for Joint Development

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