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Stay safe around trains: Learn about grade crossings

As FasTracks projects are built, the number of locations where roads, paths and trails intersect with train tracks increases. These locations are called grade crossings.

There are three types of grade crossings on FasTracks projects:

  1. Grade separations-where the train goes above or below the road
  2. At-grade crossings-where the train tracks and the road intersect at the samelevel
  3. Closures-where there used to be a road but it has been cut off or closed

RTD's preference would be to eliminate all at-grade crossings but that isn't possible due to neighborhood characteristics and overall cost.

PUC Oversight

Every grade crossing in the state is regulated by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission (PUC), which approves safety measures at each location. Applications to the PUC are required for each individual grade crossing, detailing the safety measures that will be put in place.

Safety measures

  • Gates
  • Lights
  • Bells
  • Signs
  • Street markings at most FasTracks project at-grade crossings. The exceptions are in downtown Denver and downtown Aurora.

Safety outreach to the community and surrounding schools is an integral part of the public information team's efforts prior to opening each line.

Commuter train at an at-grade crossing at East 40th Avenue and York Street in Denver