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New Exception stops policy in Boulder area

What is an Exception Stop?

Exception Stops are selected stops along a Limited, Express or Regional route at which passengers can now board and deboard, during times when a local route is also providing service along the same corridor.

When local service is NOT running (generally between 6pm and 6am), these Limited/Express/Regional routes typically become “all stop” routes and make more stops, providing unofficial “local” service.

Why are there Exception Stops?

Exception Stops are primarily on Limited, Express or Regional routes. The intention of these routes is a quicker trip, with fewer stops. A passenger can get on or off the bus at Exception Stops by pulling the Stop Request cord on the bus. Driver will not stop at these stops unless a passenger is waiting, or a stop is requested by a rider.

What are we changing?

We had multiple policies, which was confusing. We’ve consolidated the policy to be the same across the metro area. Now you can board AND deboard at Exception Stops. With this change we’ve simplified our policies and made it easier for you to ride our Limited, Express and Regional routes.