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On June 19, 2013 the Regional Transportation District (RTD) kicked off the Northwest Area Mobility Study that will result in a prioritized list of mobility improvements for the Northwest area. RTD and Northwest area stakeholders hosted a telephone town hall meeting to help the public learn about the study's goals and objectives, and provide an opportunity to ask questions and share comments.

RTD initiated the study in response to the significant cost increases associated with building and operating commuter rail in the 41-mile Northwest corridor. The goal of the study is to collaborate with corridor stakeholders to determine if there is a more cost-effective way to approach improving mobility in the area that could be implemented sooner.

Audio table of contents

00:00 - Introduction
00:52 - Telephone town hall instructions
01:40 - Welcome from RTD Board Chair Lorraine Anderson
03:28 - RTD District O Director Chuck Sisk discusses the Northwest Rail Line
05:16 - RTD Manager Chris Quinn and Broomfield Mayor Pat Quinn
07:16 - HNTB Project Manager Liz Rao
08:39 - Q1: Will there be light rail between Boulder and Denver?
10:22 - Q2: Can we fund the NW project by increasing fares?
11:52 - Q3: What is the planned rail alignment between Denver and Longmont? How will it be funded?
13:04 - Q4: How will the town of Lafayette be affected by the NW cooridor plans?
14:45 - Q5: Why isn't it required for cities to build high-density development near rail facilities?
17:48 - Poll #1: What is most important to you while traveling by bus or by rail?
18:45 - Q6: When will the current US 36 and Eagle P3 construction be complete?
20:35 - Poll #1 results
21:08 - Telephone townhall instructions
21:50 - RTD District J Director Larry Hoy
23:34 - RTD District I Director Judy Lubow
25:00 - HNTB Project manager Liz Rao discusses the scope of the Northwest Area Mobility Study
26:68 - Longmont Transportation Planner Phil Greenwald
28:40 - Q7: How does the US 36 HOV project benefit northwest commuters?
30:02 - Q8: Why can't we use "next-generation" transit technology, such as monorail or mag-lev?
31:12 - Q9: Will there be any new transit options between Broomfield and Boulder along Dillon Road?
32:56 - Q10: How will the rail line to Longmont be funded and when will it be completed?
35:12 - Poll #2: How would you like to get information about the Northwest Area Mobility Study?
36:08 - Q11: Why has there been so much difficulty working with BNSF? If the rail alignment is moved to I-25 will there no longer be rail along US 36?
39:47 - Poll #2 results
40:18 - Q12: How is the Gold Line coming along and what is the current completion date?
41:07 - Q13: Has the US 287 corridor been considered for improved transit?
43:56 - Q14: How will suburb to suburb connections be improved, particularly between Longmont and the US36 corridor?
46:01 - Q15: How will home values be affected by the Northwest Rail Line?
48:10 - Poll #3: How effective is a telephone town hall meeting for you to receive information and provide feedback to RTD?
48:49 - Q16: How will residents stay involved in shaping the future of transit in the northwest area?
52:02 - Q17: What are plans for increasing frequency of service?
55:50 - Q18: What is the rationale for starting the southern FasTracks projects prior to the northern sections?
57:50 - Conclusion