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Federal Center Station

Cold Spring Park-n-Ride closed, and Federal Center Station opened on July 31, 2011

As we continue to grow and expand our service, the first station to open for the RTD West Corridor Project is Federal Center Station. It is located on W. 2nd Place and Routt Street and will replace the existing Cold Spring Park-n-Ride.

Federal Center Station Facts
  • The station and parking are accessible from Union Blvd. via W. 2nd Place or Routt Street from Alameda Avenue.
  • Parking is located south of the light rail platform, north of the St. Anthony Medical Campus.
  • 1,000 surface parking spaces are available at this station.

Gate assignments for the following bus routes:

2x: Gate H (eastbound)
2x: Gate R (westbound)

3: Gate M

5x: Gate H (eastbound)
5x: Gate R (westbound)

6x: Gate F (eastbound)
6x: Gate R (westbound)

9: Gate C

14: Gate B (eastbound)
14: Gate K (westbound)

16: Gate D

17: Gate A (southbound)
17: Gate J (northbound)

21: Gate L

100: Gate N (northbound)
100: Gate E (southbound)

AF: Gate F

CS: Gate H (eastbound)
CS: Gate Q (westbound)

ES: Gate H (eastbound)
ES: Gate Q (westbound)

GS: Gate P

Station map