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N Line will cross South Platte River 3 times

Bridges are built when an area is easier to go over rather than through. This could be for traffic reasons or often a necessity based on the geography of the area.

With that in mind comes this fact: The North Metro Rail Line will cross the South Platte River three times via bridges.

In many areas the South Platte River flows alongside the North Metro Rail Line, and in other areas the two overlap.

South Platte #1—Denargo Bridge

The Denargo Bridge, aka South Platte #1

As the train leaves Denver Union Station heading north, the tracks ascend the Denargo Bridge or South Platte #1. This bridge is located north of where Park Avenue and Delgany Street split.

Currently, crews are pouring the decks and overhangs. The Denargo Bridge is one of two double track bridges on the North Metro Rail Line.

South Platte #2—Washington Bridge

Washington Bridge girder set, August 2016

Moving north from the Denargo Bridge, the next bridge that crosses the river is the South Platte Bridge #2, or the Washington Bridge. It is in close proximity to the Globeville Landing Park.

The substructure of this bridge should be completed by the end of November.

South Platte #3—78th and Steele

South Platte Bridge #3 at 78th and Steele

The third time the North Metro Line crosses the South Platte River is just to the east of where Steele Street turns into 78th Avenue.

This bridge is not only different from the other two bridges that cross the Platte, but also very different from all other bridges on the project. It is an existing freight bridge that is being refurbished for commuter rail use.