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Photos: Stations of the R Line

There are eight new light rail train stations along the R Line through Aurora. There are a total of 10 stations in Aurora when you include the existing Dayton and Nine Mile stations. Check out many of the stations on the R Line in this photo gallery.

Transit-oriented communities

Creating transit-oriented communities is more important than ever. RTD plays an important role in the implementation of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD). A pedestrian-oriented environment that allows people to live, work, shop and play in places accessible by transit characterizes TOD. The primary benefits include:

  • Reducing sprawl and protecting existing neighborhoods
  • Reducing commute times and traffic congestions
  • Improving environmental quality and open space preservation
  • Encouraging pedestrian activity and discouraging automobile dependency

There are development opportunities around all eight of the new light rail train stations along the R Line.

Planning or development that occurs around a station is the responsibility of local jurisdictions and/or private developers. The city of Aurora is currently engaged in planning efforts around the R Line stations.

Train station amenities

All stations have standard amenities including:

  • 2 high blocks (ADA train access)
  • 3 canopy structures
  • 2 windscreens
  • 2 benches
  • Trash cans
  • Lights
  • Way-finding signage
  • Original public art

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