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Impressive Denargo Bridge under construction on N Line

The first commuter train bridge along the N Line if you're traveling south to north is under construction near downtown Denver.

It's the Denargo bridge and it runs parallel to Denargo Street across the old Union Pacific tracks and the South Platte River.

Workers construct the Denargo Bridge on the N line just north of downtown Denver. September 2016

This bridge has 17 spans consisting of pre-cast concrete girders. Construction workers spent 10 days in September setting the girders. It is not designed for pedestrian or bicycle access, but it is designed with two sets of tracks so trains can pass each other going opposite directions on the bridge.

The rails for the tracks will be directly attached to the bridge deck. Doing it that way eliminates the need for ties or ballast. Ballast is the rocks you often see between rails and ties.

More cool bridge facts

  • The Denargo Bridge is 1,839 feet long and 35 feet wide
  • It's 26 feet high over the South Platte River
  • It weighs just over 21 million pounds
  • Denargo Bridge is the first of three bridges which cross the South Platte River along the N Line. So it has the nickname SPLATTE1.

You can read more about bridge building here.

We're also getting ready to build bridges on the Southeast Rail Extension.