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41st and Fox pedestrian bridge opens

The Regional Transportation District (RTD) and its contractor, Denver Transit Partners (DTP), in coordination with the City and County of Denver, have completed the new pedestrian bridge at 41st and Fox on July 20, 2016.

The bridge connects the Highlands and Sunnyside neighborhoods to the Globeville neighborhood near the future 41st & Fox Station along the G Line.

Rail station still closed

Though the bridge is open to the public, the 41st & Fox Station will remain closed until the G Line opens this fall.

For safety, the bridge will have high definition security cameras and will be monitored by security officers. It is important for the public to follow the safety information below:

  • Use designated pedestrian areas when accessing the bridge—other areas are considered trespassing and are extremely dangerous and illegal
  • Stay off the train station platforms until they are open to the public
  • Do not cross the railroad tracks at the station; trains will be operating through the station prior to the opening of the G Line
  • Never touch or throw objects at the overhead wires—they are powered with 25,000 volts of electricity and can be deadly

G Line opening in fall

The G Line is scheduled to open this fall. The line is a part of the Eagle P3 project, the nation’s first full public-private partnership for transit. The $2.2 billion project is made up of local RTD taxes combined with a $1.03 billion federal grant and $450 million from Denver Transit Partners, the 34-year concessionaire that will build, operate and maintain the trains.

Pedestrian bridge at 41st and Fox connects neighborhoods. Photo by: Nate Currey