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Warmer weather brings R Line construction sprint

Construction activities along the R Line will be in full swing as freezing temperatures give way to the warm months and allow for completion of specific operations such as paving work.

Asphalt paving and cold weather do not go well together, but warmer days are here and the work will not take long.

Here's what's happening next:

  • Final paving work on some sections of the line; look for brief lane closures in parts of Aurora.
  • Overhead Catenary System (OCS) installations are complete at East Exposition Avenue and South Sable Boulevard. Crews planned a full closure at East Ellsworth Avenue and Sable Boulevard starting May 9, lasting for about one month. This will be a 24/7 operation and minor nighttime work will be necessary.
Installation of Overhead Catenary System (OCS) wires through the Exposition Avenue and Sable Boulevard intersection has been completed

The OCS and messenger wire power the light rail trains and relay important information such as the speed and location of the vehicles back to RTD operation centers.

Remember these safety tips:

  • If they're up, they're electrified. Do not touch or throw objects at overhead power lines or climb on the power poles.
  • Follow signage to direct you as you navigate through construction areas and do not cut through neighborhoods.
  • Business and residential access will be maintained.
  • Motorists should use Abilene Street or Chambers Road as alternative routes