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Transit etiquette is good for all of us

Transit agencies all over the country, whether large or small, face the issue of educating riders about transit etiquette.

Most riders will freely give up seats to pregnant women and elderly or disabled riders, but other areas of etiquette can be more difficult to convey.

Here are a few simple rules of transit etiquette that we all need to practice more:

  1. Let other riders exit prior to you boarding
  2. Stand clear of the doors so people can exit
  3. Take up only one seat; place your packages and bags on the floor at your feet
  4. Avoid eating and drinking; RTD does not allow food and drinks on most buses and trains
  5. Step into the middle of the bus or train so others may enter
  6. Keep phone calls and personal conversations to a low volume
  7. Don’t litter
  8. Turn your music down and wear earphones
  9. Give up your seat to an elderly, disabled or pregnant rider
  10. Be polite to the driver

While on a trip to New York City recently I was struck by the effectiveness of the MTA’s new “Manspread” campaign.

This campaign encourages riders to only take up one seat and to be aware of the number of seats and space a person takes up on a crowded train.

Courtesy: Metropolitan Transportation Authority

Using humor to simply make people more aware of their surroundings has made a positive impact for the MTA and its riders.

Please always be courteous to your fellow transit riders.