See what's happening at RTD

RTD's best practices compiled into resource everyone can use

  • A service planner who created a tool for bus operators to share their knowledge with her department.
  • A trainer who developed a program to help the next generation of transit professionals become leaders.
  • A human resources professional who found a more effective, cost-saving way to test for drug abuse.
  • A planner who developed a study that tracks changes in the region as FasTracks is constructed.

What do these RTD employees all have in common?

They developed some of RTD’s most innovative Best Practices, which have now been compiled into an easy-to-access report for employees and the public.

We will tell you more about each of those initiatives on this blog in the coming months – or you can read about them right now in the full Best Practices Report, now available to everyone here.

Whether you are an RTD employee, a transit professional from another city, a private sector partner, an RTD customer or a curious citizen you can use this easy-to-read report to learn how RTD’s most interesting initiatives work from the inside-out. If you want to learn even more, additional resources are included at the end of each entry.

Now that these Best Practices are open and available, RTD employees will have a new tool to follow in the footsteps of their colleagues by improving RTD. The result will be a better, more cost-effective, more customer-focused transit agency – a benefit for everyone!

This blog was contributed by Sarah Camacho