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State-of-the-art security built into I-225 Rail Line

RTD Transit Police is already working on plans to implement security on the I-225 Rail Line, long before the last track is laid.

In fact, the agency meets regularly with the first responder community to coordinate and plan operations that might influence criminal behavior on the system.

"We're meeting with Aurora police, firefighters and first responders," said John Perry, commander of the RTD Transit Police.

"RTD is in constant contact with local jurisdictions and participates in planning and practice exercises. Police continue to meet with civic and community groups on our rail lines and bus routes to offer assistance, awareness training, and listen to concerns so we can adapt our current programs," he said.

The I-225 Rail Line will be called the "R" Line when it is operational. When it's up and running, riders will see uniformed guards, uniformed and plainclothes police officers patrolling and riding the system.

Furthermore, each of the transit line's eight new stations are being designed with high definition video cameras and emergency phones that are monitored 24/7 in the RTD security command center. Immediate response can be sent as needed.

"The command center is in direct communications to our first responder community as well as rail and bus control," said Perry.

Coordination with RTD Police

RTD Police has coordinated with the rail line's project team in the design process to control access and prevent crime through environmental design. This assures that the District's video monitors inside of the security command center Integrated Security Design Criteria is met.

Likewise, the process helps determine where high definition surveillance cameras and emergency phones should be located.

In addition, RTD will soon update existing station cameras and security systems in the Nine Mile parking structure at I-225 and Parker Road.

RTD's security network is comprehensive and extensive. It has six internal transit police officers; approximately 30 full time equivalents (24 hours per day) from Lakewood, Denver and Aurora; 130 security officers, including a bicycle patrol which can be deployed as needed within the District.

Citizens are also encouraged to participate in helping keep RTD safe. If you should see suspicious activity, call the security command center at 303-299-2911 or download the transit watch app. The app allows you to text directly to the command center, as well as send pictures.

The video above from Aurora Channel 8 gives you a behind the scenes look at what happens in the security command center.

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