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What Stand Up for Transportation day means to me

Hadley Trent of RTD helps a resident sign the Stand Up for Transportation petition

Without federal funding what would our community’s transit system look like? It is a question we wouldn’t normally think to ask ourselves. With the nationwide "Stand Up for Transportation" day on April 9 quickly approaching there has been more attention to the lack of a long-term bill for transportation funding.

From our roads and interstates to our buses and trains, everything would look very different here in Denver without essential federal funding. Would our roads stretch as far as they do currently, would we have the bus and train system we do now? The answer is no.

Message signed on RTD's special bus

Federal funding has been especially important for RTD's rapidly growing transit system in Denver. The FasTracks program will have a total of 122 miles of new commuter and light rail and 18 miles of bus rapid transit. Federal funding, totaling more than $1.3 billion has been provided for the East, West, and Gold Lines.

April 9th is the nationwide "Stand Up for Transportation" day. As citizens of the United States and users of transit we will come together and advocate for the increased need for federal funding for transportation infrastructure. The effort is being led by the American Public Transportation Administration (APTA) to encourage the U.S. Congress to pass a long-term transportation-spending bill. The current funding bill, Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century (MAP 21), expires May 31.

For me as an individual, transit is my life! I don’t know how I would get anywhere without it. I ride the train to school and the bus to work. I don’t have a car, so I never have to worry about driving downtown or on I-25. Denver is transitioning into one of the cities where you don’t need a vehicle. The more sustainable transportation funding we have, the better our transit system will become.

You can show your support for long-term, sustainable transportation funding by signing the online petition.

You can view a list of dates and times for “Stand Up for Transportation” activities here.

Signing RTD's Stand Up for Transportation bus