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A Gold Line Love Story

It was 1973 in west Denver. She was 19. He was 26. She was working at a bank, and he just got out of the Army and was going to school at Metro State College.

“I thought he was just so cute,” she said.

Dennis and Cheryl Brungardt in 1975

Dennis and Cheryl Brungardt, residents of Wheat Ridge for the last 39 years, fell in love in the most unsuspecting place – the bus.

Dennis and Cheryl were daily passengers on the RTD Route 8 bus that ran from Sloan’s Lake to downtown Denver, and they noticed each other right away.

“We weren’t always on the same exact bus because our schedules were conflicting, so I actually asked my supervisor to shift my schedule so that I could be on the same bus as Dennis,” Cheryl recalled. “I just hoped that he had noticed me.”

“Oh, I certainly did notice her and I eventually asked her out,” Dennis said. “The stars kept getting aligned for us and our first date was on Sept. 7, 1973. I was in a car accident so we had to either take the bus or a cab on the date. I opted for the cab.”

Doc Kelly and his Model A

The rest is history, as they say. Dennis and Cheryl were engaged less than two years later on Feb. 14, 1975 and married just a few months after that on May 31.

“Those 20 minute conversations on the bus that year changed our lives forever,” Cheryl said.

They have three children and five grandchildren and have been lovers of transit for as long as they can remember. In fact, the driver of the Model A car they rode in from the Holy Family Church in north Denver where they got married to their reception in Wheat Ridge, was Doc Kelly, who drove the public trolley (before RTD’s time) that ran from downtown to Berkeley Lake along Yates Street.

Now, the Brungardt’s can’t wait for the Gold Line commuter train to travel from Union Station to Wheat Ridge and Arvada beginning in 2016.

“For two years while stationed in Germany, all we did was take transit,” Dennis said. “I’m so happy we are getting more transit in the Denver area.”

“So many people in our community are nervous to use and take transit, but I always tell them that once you use it once and become familiar with it, it becomes second nature and you’ll never want to drive again!” Cheryl proclaimed.