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25 Years of Public Enrichment and Art

As we celebrate RTD’s 50th birthday, we also have another significant milestone to celebrate. RTD’s Art-n-transit program turns 25 this year! Since 1994, RTD's Art-n-Transit program has enhanced the design, aesthetic quality and user friendliness of transit projects and fostered transit-oriented community development. Public art like the pieces we have, help create a sense of community and ownership, which helps discourage vandalism and graffiti in addition to enhancing wayfinding and the beauty of the entire transit system.

“I take public art as a serious mission, it is art that is made for the public,” said Lonnie Hanzon, the artist for Lakewood Legacy Trees at Lamar Station. “It is supposed to become a lovable object and a landmark and can often become the focus of dialogue with people.”

The Art-n-Transit program also provides opportunities to celebrate the diverse cultural, ethnic and historical richness of the many communities RTD serves, with each art piece being as unique as its location and people.
“It is important for our communities to be able to look outside the window of a train and know that they are on their way home, they’ve only got a few more moments to get there, and they know that because of art,” said Christina Zazueta, the community engagement manager at RTD. “Art plays such an important role in wayfinding.”

With the opening of the G line and the EF & R extension, we now have more than 70 pieces of art in our collection. Visit the RTD Art-n-Transit website and @ridertd on Instagram to follow the Art Friday collection that showcases our art pieces for the rest of the year.

The Lakewood Legacy Trees art installation is located at the Lamar Station.