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Transportation Transformation Summit addresses future of mobility in Denver

On September 13, 2018, RTD hosted Transportation Transformation, a half-day summit to discuss the agency’s role and intentions in addressing the future of mobility in the Denver metro region. As innovative technologies like bike-sharing, micromobility, and ride sourcing services are changing the way people get around, RTD is taking a proactive approach to participate in how these evolving trends are creating new and expanded opportunities for public transportation. Over 125 regional transportation mobility partners attended the event to engage in a conversation about mobility trends and the current state of practice, local projects underway in Denver, and RTD’s plans to lead a regional initiative to determine how public transportation will integrate with Denver’s changing mobility landscape.

Those plans include a comprehensive study that will analyze current operations and system optimization, and examine alternative service delivery approaches, first and last mile opportunities, fare payment systems and other innovative technologies.

The Transportation Transformation initiative falls directly in line with one of the RTD Board of Director’s 2019 strategic priorities to gain a comprehensive knowledge of the district’s transportation needs with an understanding that mobility changes have the potential of transforming how RTD serves our passengers and the public.

“The future of mobility depends on public transportation and regional collaboration to provide practical, sustainable solutions that meet the needs of everyone in the Denver metro area.” states RTD’s CEO and General Manager, Dave Genova.

The Transformation Transportation summit was held after extensive collaboration with a regional mobility working group formulated by RTD earlier this year which includes key staff from local jurisdictions, Transportation Management Associations and other entities. The working group was established to start a regional dialogue on mobility as a service (MaaS) and provides the opportunity to exchange information with regional stakeholders on current and potential projects, define strategies to implement regional mobility, and explore partnership opportunities with pilot programs and demonstration projects.

Transportation and mobility experts agree an integrated approach to mobility options could have positive impacts including reduced car ownership and increased public transit use. RTD, therefore, plays a critical role in making that happen by serving as a leader in building upon and interfacing with the emerging modes to create an integrated, multimodal transportation system.

“We are uniquely positioned to maximize this investment and be the regional mobility integrator for metro Denver. With RTD as a common denominator, we can build a system in which various service providers’ work collaboratively to integrate “new mobility” services with traditional public transportation to allow the public to discover, pay for, and use these services for a seamless trip.” says Genova.

Stay tuned for more to come on Transportation Transformation.

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