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Riders will see changes on new light rail cars

RTD has purchased 29 new light rail cars to meet the needs of its growing light rail system. The second shipment came in last month. The agency has taken delivery of nine vehicles so far this year. All of the light rail vehicles are scheduled to be delivered by the end of Spring, 2019.

Light rail riders will see changes in these new cars. Instead of the old knee-to-knee seating layout, they will notice more conventional knee-to-back seating. The District decided to change its seat orientation in the new vehicles because of input provided by you, RTD’s riders, as well as RTD’s Senior Leadership Team. Passengers will also see ADA-compliant space for wheelchair parking, similar to the retrofit on the current light rail vehicles. However, the new cars will have eight more places to sit due to the new seating layout and a new type of flip seat.
New light rail trains will have knee-to-back seating.

Siemens Mobility makes RTD’s light rail vehicles in Sacramento, California. The new vehicles have been delivered over the road via tractor-trailer and now are coming into Denver by freight rail. Since 1993, RTD has purchased numerous orders of light rail vehicles because of its increased ridership and expansion of the Denver metro area’s light rail lines. This is the eighth order of light rail vehicles from Siemens. These light rail vehicles will be put into service on all light rail lines starting this year.
RTD takes delivery of new light rail trains via rail freight.

It will take a few weeks or more to get the first of these new vehicles into service. A new fleet needs to have a series of qualification tests performed, including making sure vehicles operability well with the existing fleet. Each vehicle will be commissioned one at a time to verify that numerous functional parameters meet design and operation specifications.