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Proposed R Line Service Changes

At RTD we update our service schedule three times per year as a direct result of ridership, public comment, and the need to optimize RTD’s resource allocation. These decisions are always made with a regional framework in mind and to maximize ridership within our resources.

We take these proposed changes seriously, understanding the impacts that they have on people’s lives throughout the district.

The process by which the agency works through such service changes has been in place for decades and everyone is welcome to participate. Public meetings are part of that process and the public is invited to tell us what they think by attending a meeting or submitting a comment online.

The most effective way you can help ensure service levels remain high is to use the RTD system regularly. Make no mistake, RTD is invested in the success of the R line transit corridor and will provide service commensurate with the demand.

The proposed service adjustment would retain 15-minute service throughout the day within Aurora while providing direct rides to and from the Denver Tech Center during morning and evening rush hours.

RTD will continue to monitor ridership data throughout the district to determine when transit service levels should be increased or decreased to best match our resources to our ridership. Ridership data for the R-Line show that an average of about 33 people per hour board the train between the Iliff and Lincoln stations on weekdays. The number drops to the mid to high 20s during weekends.

Additional ridership information is shown in the two tables below:

This proposal is the first step in a routine service adjustment process. As always, RTD invites everyone to attend public meetings and write to us to discuss the potential impact. RTD serves more than 2.8 million people in eight counties, and the proposed adjustment is one of many steps the agency regularly takes to ensure that resources are being used wisely.