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We Will Ride!

On July 5, 1978, a group of wheelchair users surrounded the number 15 at Colfax and Broadway, climbed out of their wheelchairs, and lay down in the street. More wheelchair users surrounded the next bus to approach, and for two days, the Gang of 19, as they came to be called, chanted “We will ride!” as they blocked the intersection.

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Union Station--Rebirth of a Landmark

Visit Union Station nearly any day at any time, and you’ll find the place abuzz with activity. It’s easy to forget that not so long ago, Union Station was something of a ghost town, a relic of a bygone era.

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Denver Union Station turns 138 years old this month

In 1875, Denver had four—yes, four—different train stations: The Denver Pacific Railroad at 21st and Wazee, the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad station at 19th and Wynkoop, the Colorado Central Station at 16th and Delgany and, about a mile away on the other side of the Cherry Creek, the Denver, South Park & Pacific Railroad at 6th and Walnut streets.

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Sustainability Today for a Better Tomorrow

On Earth Day, we use this time to think about what we can do to have a better impact on the environment. RTD’s Sustainability Committee meets each month to identify what more can be done to improve quality of life, protect the natural and built environments, strengthen the economy, and continue to be good financial stewards.

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There’s an opening date for the G Line - April 26!

On behalf of the RTD Board, the hard working employees of RTD and our concessionaire Denver Transit Partners, I am incredibly excited about this announcement. We will celebrate the opening in the same fashion as other openings: Opening day on Friday, free rides throughout our entire rail system and station parties on Saturday, and service beginning on Sunday of that weekend.

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A Brief History of Market Street Station

Take a trip back in time and explore Market Street Station. The underground bus terminal open in March, 1983 and provided 23 express and regional bus routes to the area. The station reduced bus travel times and street-level traffic congestion.

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To get where you need to go, try FlexRide

FlexRide fills in the gaps between your starting point and destination when other RTD service is limited or too far away. One grandmother uses it to help get her grandchild to school; another vision-impaired rider uses it to get to lightrail services.

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District Shops Employee Saves Eagle

District Shops parts clerk Ethan Daigle had an auspicious eagle encounter a few weeks ago when a routine parts run turned into a dramatic raptor rescue.

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Why do you love RTD?

Light rail operator Walter Palmgren loves working for RTD. Working as an operator has allowed him to overcome obstacles and advance in his career while gaining a new family along the way.

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A look back with RTD’s two longest-serving employees

Two dedicated RTD employees have put in almost 5 decades of service at RTD. From the days of no AC or heat to GPS on buses, these 2 drivers have seen every bump, turn, and fork-in-the-road on their long and winding success paths with RTD.

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