Job Descriptions

Manager, Sales

  • Status: Exempt
  • Pay Grade/Code: EXF
  • Salary Range: $57,000 - $75,964 - $95,000
  • Division: Marketing
  • Department: Communications
  • Location: Blake
  • Reports To: Sr. Manager of Marketing
  • Supervises: Sales & Outreach Specialist, Sales & Outreach Support Administrator, Reduced Fare program Coordinator
  • Established: May 2004
  • Revised: April 2007
  • Approved By: Bruce Abel
  • Approval Date: April 2007

Description Of Work:

This position manages and directs the RTD's Employer and Student Outreach and Pass Programs and the RTD's revenue generating advertising program.

Duties & Responsibilities:


Conducts self in an appropriate manner as a representative of RTD, working effectively in a diverse work environment, and assuring professional quality of services to all external and internal customers.

Formulates and manages annual outreach plans and budgets in conjunction with all available resources; regarding corporate and student sales, advertising sales, and product development.

Manages the sales of discount fare products, including, but not limited to, Eco Pass, Neighborhood Eco Pass, ValuPass, Transit Checks, and Student Pass programs in conjunction with the RTD's goals and objectives.

Participates in the analysis of fares for RTD products.

Manages the contracts for sales of the RTD on-vehicle (bus/light rail), facilities (stations and light rail platforms), billboard advertising, and other advertising opportunities to the benefit of the RTD.

Develops, manages, and evaluates RTD group prepaid fare products, and advertising sales opportunities. Develops and recommends pricing strategies.

Consults with the RTD senior management on project goals and objectives, which includes conducting oral presentations for the RTD senior managers, the General Manager, and/or the RTD Board of Directors.

Ensures that all staff are properly trained and motivated to achieve the RTD's goals.

Supervises staff in a professional manner, which includes hiring, training, assigning and monitoring work, and conducting performance management duties.

Represents the RTD through presentations and outreach with external agencies, community groups, and professional organizations.

Cultivates and maintains professional communication channels with key external organizations and decision-makers in order to assess, promote, and enhance ridership through increased utilization of prepaid fare media.

Conducts quarterly audits of Eco Pass photo identification receipts for Blake Street and Boulder Street stations.

Coordinates contract renewal process including reviewing documentation and oversees timely execution of contracts and decals.

Takes action to advance the goals of the District's Affirmative Action/Equal Employment Opportunity and Disadvantaged Business Enterprise Plans.


All other job-related duties as assigned.


Bachelor's Degree in Business, Marketing, Advertising, or Communications.

Extensive and progressively responsible experience in outreach management and administration of business to business sales prorams.

Experience in supervising sales, marketing and/or outreach professionals.

Extensive experience in planning and developing annual outreach plans including goals, objectives, and strategies.

Demonstrated proficiency in the development and implementation of direct business-to-business sales programs.

Knowledge of general marketing, outreach and sales principles and strategies, including knowledge of new product development .

Knowledge of marketing, outreach and sales plan development and the ability to successfully implement such plans.

Basic knowledge of employee benefit programs.

Knowledge of budget planning and development techniques and the ability to oversee a working budget.

Knowledge of contract standards and processes, which includes the Request for Proposal (RFP) process.

PC proficiency in word processing and advanced spreadsheet software as well as Internet and email use.

Strong research and analytical skills.

Efficient math skills, which includes proficiency in statistical analysis.

Ability to communicate with tact and diplomacy, orally and in writing, using proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation with the RTD Board of Directors, senior management, RTD employees, external organizations, and private citizens. This includes conducting oral presentations to various groups of people.

Ability to take initiative and be creative.

Ability to pay close attention to detail, ensuring accuracy in work.

Ability to use prudent judgment and problem solving skills to make decisions and recommendations in the best interest of the RTD.

Ability to compose a work team and employ leadership skills to motivate a work team towards meeting sales goals and objectives.

Ability to efficiently multi-task and manage time and workload, which includes planning, organizing, prioritizing, and following-through on a variety of tasks, assignments, projects, and reports to meet deadlines.

Strong negotiation skills.

Ability to employ professional customer service skills and maintain professional relationships with external organizations and community groups to identify potential sales opportunities and resolve customer service issues in a timely manner.

Ability to employ supervisory techniques in a professional manner, which includes training, motivating, delegating and monitoring work, and offering feedback to staff.

Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a diverse workforce.


An equivalent combination of education, experience, knowledge, skills, abilities, and other characteristics consistent with required qualifications as determined in the job analysis.


COMMUNICATION (B): building and maintaining relationships, mentoring, presentation capabilities

MANAGING/PROBLEM SOLVING: supports and manages change efforts, innovative approaches in problem solving, plans direction for work group to tie in with organizational goals, takes responsibility for outcomes, models desired behavior

STAFF DIRECTION: timely and thorough planning for tasks and projects, equitable distribution of assignments, utilizes staff strengths, develops staff in weak areas, constructively addresses staff performance problems

PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: provides feedback on performance throughout the year, initiates performance plans and disciplinary actions at appropriate times, plans ahead to prepare and present appraisal to salaried employees within thirty days of due date (only exception is unplanned extended absence), consistently follows the CBA in performance management of represented employees.

ETHICS AND INTEGRITY: perceived fairness; tolerance; honesty; consistent in application of policies and procedures.

DIVERSITY ORIENTATION: encourages and supports diversity of employees and contractors (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise); participates in Equal Employment Opportunity/Affirmative Action events and training; refers EEO/AA concerns in a timely manner.


CONCEPTUAL THINKING: applies common sense, theory and experience to decision-making; interprets data for discrepancies and trends, and recognizes subtle patterns; identifies key issues or uses inductive reasoning in complex situations.

CUSTOMER FOCUS: communicates courteously and proactively, learns customer’s short-and long-term needs, sees issues from customer’s perspective

SPECIALIZED KNOWLEDGE: specialty field of knowledge is up to date and properly applied