Job Descriptions

Distribution Clerk-Internal

  • Status: Non-Exempt
  • Pay Grade/Code: Per CBA
  • Pay Rate: $13.95 /hr
  • Division: Finance and Administration
  • Department: Bargaining Unit
  • Location: Blake
  • Reports To: Supervisor, Substance Abuse/Office Services
  • Supervises: None
  • Established: December 1980
  • Revised: March 2013
  • Approved By:
  • Approval Date: March 2013

Description Of Work:

Duties & Responsibilities:


Conducts self in an appropriate manner as a representative of RTD, working effectively in a diverse working environment.

Researches and makes recommendations on office supplies purchases beyond the scope of current contract. Reviews, modifies, makes recommendations, and approves office supply orders from ordering agents. Coordinates with employees on District wide purchases i.e. annual calendar orders and tracks annual usage.

Receives and sorts parcels and mail by department, floor and mail station in preparation for distribution.

Collects and delivers both internal and external parcels, bulk and regular mail, lost and found items, sorted mail. Helps to develop and follows assigned routes for scheduled mail distribution.

Develops and maintains up to date knowledge of postal services and regulations, express mail services and fees and other related parcel and mail distribution services. Provides employees with information about regular and express mail services and costs.

Operates mail metering equipment, and keeps records of receipts and disbursements. Performs software updates on all mailing equipment in the District..

Drives assigned mail delivery vehicle.

Updates phone and mailing lists and posts them on the Hub.


Provide relief for Receptionist/PBX operator and Reproduction Clerk

Receive & Distribute office supplies

All other duties as assigned.


Possess and maintain a valid Colorado driver's license and be able to drive safely. Not more than five (5) points assessed against motor vehicle record (MVR) in the past two (2) years and not more than ten (10) points on a seven year record as well as possessing a continually valid driver's license for the past two (2) years. Also no DUI, DWI, or reckless driving in the past 5 years.

Ability to acquire knowledge of basic regular, bulk and express mail services, facilities and costs.

Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Acrobat Pro.

Ability to maintain a high performance level of dependability, reliability and safety as demonstrated in the past twelve (12) months by:

-No more than three (3) occurrences and three (3) tardies.
-No more than forty (40) hours unscheduled work absences.
-Extenuating circumstances will be reviewed.

Ability to collect, receive, distribute and safeguard parcels and mail with speed and accuracy as well as with integrity and patience.

Ability to read, write and type at a level appropriate to the requirements of the job.

Ability to use initiative and work with minimum supervision.

Ability to communicate effectively, oral and written.

Ability to operate mail metering and office equipment. Ability to lift, carry and deliver parcels weighing up to 60 lbs, with or without accommodation.

Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a diverse workforce.


An equivalent combination of experience, knowledge, skill, ability and other characteristics consistent with the required qualifications as determined in the job analysis.