Rider alerts: Route J

Your schedule is important so we work hard to stay on ours

When special events, construction or maintenance interfere with our schedule, we want you to know about it. Here you will find information on detours, delays, stop closures, elevator outages and other issues that may affect your route or station.

Temporary Detour for CU Move-in

Effective: August 20, 2018 - August 21, 2018
Students will be moving in to campus August 19-21. RTD will attempt to keep all routes using their published routing, but if traffic becomes an issue, the STAMPEDE, 209, and J may use the following detour.

Northbound: From 18th and Euclid, Right 18th, Left Broadway, Left Regent, Continue 26th, Right Colorado and regular route
Southbound: From Colorado Ave, Left 26th, Continue Regent, Right Broadway, Right Euclid to terminal.

Other routes affected:

Bus Stop Closure Due to Construction

Effective: November 6, 2017 - May 31, 2019
The northbound bus stop on Main St at 1st will be closed due to construction. Passengers are directed to board at the temporary bus stop just north of 2nd Avenue.

Northbound: The northbound bus stop on Main St at 1st will be closed due to construction
Southbound: Not Affected

Other routes affected: