Rider alerts: Route J

Your schedule is important so we work hard to stay on ours

When special events, construction or maintenance interfere with our schedule, we want you to know about it. Here you will find information on detours, delays, stop closures, elevator outages and other issues that may affect your route or station.

Temporary Detour

Effective: May 8, 2017 2:30PM - July 7, 2017 8:30PM
The City of Longmont will be completing the "Main Street Rehab Project" between early May and July. The project will force the closure of the bus stops on Main between 3rd and 9th due to the traffic control requirements. Detours will be in place for the length of the project but will be adjusted as the work moves from the south to north. All routes will serve temporary stops along the detour routes. Please allow extra travel time.

Northbound: From 3rd and Main, Right 3rd, Left Kimbark, accommodate passengers northbound on Kimbark, Left 9th, Left Coffman, to regular route.
Southbound: From 8th and Coffman, Continue Coffman, Left 3rd, Right Main, to regular route.

Other routes affected:

Long-term Detour

Effective: August 3, 2016 - August 1, 2017
The bus stop on Euclid at 18th has been moved to northbound 18th, north of the gates next to the Music Building. The cutout on Euclid will be for drop off and recovery only. No passenger boarding will be allowed at this location.

Northbound: Board passengers on 18th, north of the access gate near the Music Building.
Southbound: Dropoff and layover only on Euclid at 18th.

Other routes affected: