R I-225 Rail Line Corridor

Iliff Station

On The Move by Gordon Huether

On The Move 1
& On The Move 2

Artist : Gordon Huether
Dedication Date: June 10, 2017

On the Move 1 & On the Move 2 by California artist Gordon Huether embraces the themes of color, light, and motion in a manner that harnesses environmental elements that adds life to the sculptures. On the Move 1 is a monumental abstract representation of the Rocky Mountains. Small, colored, anodized aluminum discs are suspended and will shimmer in the light of the sun and flutter in the wind while emitting sounds reminiscent of river water and gamelan music. It is complimented by On the Move 2, a smaller sculpture constructed of larger discs of dichroic glass. The discs will pivot when hit by a strong wind and will reflect the sun, creating movement through patterns on the pavement below.

Florida Station

Our Community Dance by Koryn Rolstad

Our Community Dance

Artist : Koryn Rolstad
Dedication Date: June 10, 2017

“I wanted the story of ‘movement’ formed by all types of citizens, community activities, medical personnel, and native animals, which populate this diverse area and represent the Colorado culture. This theme is produced by images of all types of active motion images: from the ‘canter of a horse’ to the ‘toe shoes’ of a ballet dancer to children playing, and the inclusion of all types of activities in-between. I want to provide an environment that surrounds the moving population, to and from their destination, to be immersed by a visual story of their unique neighborhood and state.” - Koryn Rolstad

Aurora Metro Center Station

Sunrise by John King and Ted Esselstyn


Artists : John King & Ted Esselstyn
Dedication Date: June 10, 2017

Sunrise is based on the literal Latin meaning of Aurora, the ancient Roman goddess of the Dawn, and signifies the rising of the Sun over the horizon. Pedestrians can spin the Sunrise, bringing their own inner light into the station. Accompanying the 16 foot diameter Sunrise will be a 200 foot long mural depicting various scenes of historical life in Aurora, intermixed with 6 foot story wheels. These Story wheels are an interactive piece of the mural and can be turned resulting in a surprising and engaging experience for the viewer.

2nd Avenue & Abilene Station

Highline Times by Douwe Blumberg

Highline Times

Artist : Douwe Blumberg
Dedication Date: June 10, 2017

Panoramic friezes that depict "Early Aurora" and "Present Day Aurora" - a frieze is a long band of sculpted or painted decoration. “This site motivated me to create an experiential work which would be artistically accessible to a wide and diverse audience,” says Blumberg. “I chose to embrace a simple, almost child-like storytelling approach to this work. I wanted to not only visually portray some of the fascinating heritage of the area and more specifically, the High-Line Canal; but to also ‘bridge the canal with art’ by creating a linear journey to be enjoyed while moving, which seems most appropriate for a Rail station.” - Douwe Blumberg

13th Avenue Station

Bike Train by Chris Fennell

Bike Train

Artist : Chris Fennell
Dedication Date: June 10, 2017

Bike Train is a thirty-foot tall tornado made out of pipes that is inspired by the light rail system and uses lines of bicycles to symbolize trains. The leading and trailing wheel of each bicycle will be looped to visually connect the bicycles in a chain form on top of the pipes that are painted the color of each line. Artist Chris Fennell builds structural skeletons from discarded or found objects. The materials he chooses have been cast out or devalued by society and so his selections are based on the kind of message or impact each piece should convey. The materials he's using for Bike Train include steel pipe and 40 locally donated bicycles. The artwork will be placed in the traffic island between the parking area and the train station platform.

Colfax Station

Stories Interweave by Joe O'Connell

Stories Interweave

Artist : Joe O'Connell
Dedication Date: June 10, 2017

Stories Interweave consists of eight suspended sculptures painted in warm colors filling the South and North sides of the Colfax Avenue Bridge Station. Each sculpture glows with vibrant color-changing LEDs projecting light onto the surrounding space. The piece was inspired by the variety and diversity of immigrants who have moved to Aurora. The goal is to celebrate the connections between these groups and the current Aurora residents through language thereby creating one piece that represents Aurora's entire population. The sculptures also reflect larger universal themes of change and human connection.

Fitzsimons Station

Prairie Light and Color by Koryn Rolstad

Prairie Light & Color

Artist : Koryn Rolstad
Dedication Date: June 10, 2017

Prairie Light & Color utilizes the site location as a continuous installation of multiple grass and tree form elements, which will be experienced uniquely from various viewpoints, while supporting the landscape environment of the project site for those who live and contribute to this community. You will see, in a fair amount of my work, attempts to give a structural language to the ‘Natural Environment’. “My main focus for the Prairie Light & Color environmental installation is to give a visual language for this site that is joyful, accessible, and acts as a visual identity that has the opportunity to constantly change throughout the day and seasons.” - Koryn Rolstad


Windscreens along R Line by George Bates

Omnes Aurora, Omnes Mundi, Omnia Movens

Artist : George Bates
Dedication Date: June 10, 2017

The windscreen art will be hand-painted glass at each station along the R Line and is titled Omnes Aurora, Omnes Mundi, Omnia Movens, which translates to “All Aurora, All the World, All Moving.” This phrase can be interpreted in a variety of ways that reflect this multi-layered and diverse community of Aurora. It can represent a new beginning that happens every day on Earth, where every moment can bring light to darkness, and can also be interpreted as the world in a constant state of motion both physically and philosophically.