Northwest Rail Line, known as the B Line, offers high-speed commuter rail service between Union Station and Westminster



Artist : Brian W. Brush
Dedication Date: sometime in 2016

The art at the Westminster Station on the Northwest B Line will appear in the tunnel underpass. It's made of recycled plastic, LED lights and steel. The colorfully lit piece will measure 24' x 90' x 12'.

Brian W. Brush is a designer and artist who uses the interaction of light and material to tell stories at the intersection of art, science, technology, and environment.

Brush's work is also featured at 41st & Fox on the Gold Line.


Celebrating Westminster

Artist : Dan Gottsegen
Dedication Date: July 30, 2016

The artwork for the windscreens on the Westminster Station platform will consist of 12 panels of approximately 5' x 4' each. Artist Dan Gottsegen will use custom tempered glass with printed imagery drawn from his paintings.