East Rail Line

38th & Blake

Conflux | Redox

Artist : Kelton Osborn
Dedication Date: 2016

Kelton's work is an extension of his architecture and printmaking background. For him, they are directly connected. The convergence of space, form and lines are prevalent in his work. Extraordinary spatial experiences are born of these interactions. Although he is comfortable working with a variety of media, he prefers the unconventional - those that surprise and invite further examination.

40th & Colorado

Hands On

Artist : Erik Carlson
Dedication Date: 2016

"Hands On" is a public art installation that examines the neighborhoods around the new 40th & Colorado East Rail Station, celebrating this area as a place where people work and live and, most importantly, make and create. Artist Erik Carlson has made sure the artwork on this train station represents the hard work the people do and the industrial nature of the area where it's located. University of Colorado A Line passengers will see tools of various trades depicted in creative ways.

Central Park

Balloon Man Running

Artist : Sean O'Meallie
Dedication Date: 2016

This is a 12-foot tall sculpture of a balloon-like humanoid that look's like he's running. The sculpture will sit on top of a platform 20 feet above the parking lot. Its highly-visible presence will function as a landmark to guide people to this active transit hub. "The figure of a balloon man running is a fresh representation of "anyman" and can be easily visually resolved by viewers of any age. Its content is humorous and thoughtful," artist Seam O'Meallie said.



Artist : Blessing Hancock
Dedication Date: 2016

"Biota is an illuminated sculpture that draws inspiration from the unique conditions of the site and contextual surroundings," artist Blessing Hancock said about the art she's creating for Peoria Station. The artwork relates to the themes of bioscience, health, technology and the natural environment."

40th & Airport

Time Present

Artist : Molly Dillworth
Dedication Date: 2016

Inspired by Buckminster Fuller, "Time Present" is a horizontal, low-relief paint-coated polyhedral sculptures mounted on the fa├žade of the station platform wall. The piece will be about 50' long by 12' tall.


Tumbleweeds Really Do Exist

Artist : Sandra Fettingis
Dedication Date: 2016

This artwork will appear on the windscreens at five stations along the University of Colorado A Line between the airport and Union Station. Each station will have the same designs, but they will have their own color themes to "help to identify stations for commuter rail users and enhance the current colorless, open and industrial landscape on the East Line," explains artist Sandra Fettingis.