You’re at the airport – now what?

RTD offers both bus and rail service to/from Denver International Airport. All trips that start or end at the airport will cost $9.00 on bus or rail.


There are 10 bus gates for RTD and other providers. You can purchase your fare when boarding the bus with exact change or simply tap your EcoPass or CollegePass pass when boarding. Additionally, fares can be purchased at the RTD Customer Care counter or ticket vending machines, both located in the middle of Denver Airport Station.


Trains leave every 15 minutes during most parts of the day. Purchase your train ticket at the ticket vending machines or at the RTD Customer Care counter, both located in the middle of Denver Airport Station. Ticket vending machines are not available on the train platform – please purchase your fare before moving to the platform. If you have a EcoPass or CollegePass, tap your pass on the validator before boarding. Stow your luggage carefully and wait for your stop.

Navigating Denver Airport Station:

Level 6
Airline ticket counters and baggage check
Level 5
TSA Security and baggage claim
Level 1
Denver Airport Station
  • Rail Platforms – Serving the University of Colorado A Line
  • Bus Gates – Serving routes AA, AB, AT, and other providers
  • Flight Information Display Screens – check the status of your flight as you arrive on the train
  • Public Transportation Display Screens – check the schedule for bus and rail
  • Flight Check-In Kiosks – check in for your flight and print your boarding pass
  • Baggage Check – check your bags from this level for United, Delta, American, and Southwest Airlines. Must drop bags at least 90 minutes before your flight.
  • Ticket Vending Machines – purchase tickets for the University of Colorado A Line or SkyRide bus service
  • RTD Customer Care – purchase tickets, ask questions and get directions
    • Hours of operation:
    • Monday-Friday8:00 am – 5:30 pm
    • Saturday / Sunday8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Getting from the station to your flight

When you arrive at the airport, the train or bus will come to a stop at Denver Airport Station on level 1 of the airport. Please collect all of your personal belongings before exiting the vehicle.

To catch your flight, you will need to take the escalator to level 5. The escalator is located in the middle of Denver Airport Station, between the bus gates and the train platform. Additionally, elevators are located on either end of Denver Airport Station.

The five-story escalator will carry you to the new plaza on level 5, directly across from the security check point on the south end of the terminal. Proceed through the sliding glass doors to enter Jeppesen Terminal.

Getting from your flight to the station

When you exit the aircraft, follow signs for baggage claim or the transit center. You will need to board the airport tram to get to Jeppesen Terminal where baggage claim and ground transportation is located.

Domestic arrivals are located in the center of the main terminal on level 5. International arrival is located at the north end of the terminal. Baggage claim is also located on level 5.

To get to Denver Airport Station, follow signs to the Transit Center and proceed to the south exit on level 5 (look for the large American flag), exit the terminal through the sliding glass doors and take the escalator located in the center of the plaza down to level 1.

Visiting or new to Denver?

RTD is the best way to and from Denver International Airport. We offer fast, frequent, and affordable service options between the airport and downtown with convenient connections to bus and rail for easy access to the entire metro area. It’s easy to get around with 170 bus routes, 9,077 bus stops, and miles and miles of rail service. Learn how to ride our system and check out these quick links to make your travels a breeze.