Trip Planner Tips

About the Trip Planner

Trip Planner itineraries should be used as a guide for taking your trip aboard RTD transit. Service may be affected by traffic, construction or weather conditions. Since there are often multiple itineraries possible, we encourage you to check the options presented before starting your trip. Itinerary results display scheduled service only. Detours and other Rider Alerts are not reflected in the Trip Planner results. Please check Rider Alerts before starting your trip.

Entering start and end points

You may enter a location based on intersection, street address or landmark.


Enter a numerical address and street name with or without city, state, or zip. If similar locations are found in multiple cities or counties, a list of candidates will be returned to choose a selection. Ex: 1600 Blake St


Select the landmark category from the first drop list. Then select the landmark name from the second drop list.

Tip: If you do not see the landmark you need, it may appear in a different category or it may not exist. If your landmark is not listed, please enter the street address on the address tab to plan your trip.

Additional help

If you are experiencing issues planning a trip, please call us at 303-299-6000.