Transit-Oriented Development

Development at and around the system's transit stations is an exciting element of the FasTracks program. As the Denver region's public transit agency, RTD plays an important role in the implementation of Transit-Oriented Development (TOD).


Transit-Oriented Development (TOD) is an approach to developing the built environment that integrates higher density new construction with transit, creating synergies that enhance the value of both. It is characterized by a pedestrian‐oriented environment that allows people to live, work, shop, and play within a 5‐10 minute walk of a transit stop. Clusters of TODs contribute to creating transit-oriented communities.


  • Reduces sprawl and protects existing, stable neighborhoods
  • Reduces commute times and related costs
  • Encourages pedestrian activity and discourages automobile dependency
  • Improves environmental quality through alternative transportation modes
  • Real estate near transit stations enjoys land value premiums and generally out‐performs in competitive markets


RTD's TOD mission is to help facilitate TOD opportunities that increase ridership or enhance transit investments throughout the District through station design and close coordination with local jurisdictions and developers.

RTD plays a proactive role in facilitating transit-supportive development around transit stations and strives to realize the following goals:

  • Promote multi-sector, cross-jurisdictional partnerships
  • Encourage sustainable development that supports the transit system
  • Ensure a hierarchy of multi-modal access
  • Protect and enhance RTD’s transit assets

RTD’s TOD group conducts research to support transit-oriented development, shares information with both the public and private sector, and provides planning assistance in order to help local jurisdictions connect transit service.

Joint Development

Joint development is a subset of TOD that involves partnership between RTD and a public or private developer to improve agency property at an active transit facility. Joint development may involve air rights development, ground lease arrangements, the outright sale of land or other initiatives that promote real estate development at or near transit stations to the mutual benefit of public and private interests.

Learn more about joint development with RTD, including RFPs and the Unsolicited Proposal Process.

Joint Development of Real Property

Recent and Ongoing Projects

In 2010, RTD chose four sites as TOD Pilot Projects: the Welton Corridor, Alameda Station, Olde Town Arvada Station, and Federal Center. In addition, TOD projects continue to proliferate around the District as construction of FasTracks corridors continues at a rapid pace. For more information about some of the key projects located at or near transit stations, see below:

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