Central Rail Extension

Facts & figures

Central rail extension facts

  • Length (miles): 0.8
  • Vehicle Type: Light Rail
  • Stations: 3

Central rail extension at a glance

  • The Central Rail Extension (CRE) is part of RTD’s 2004 voter-approved FasTracks plan to expand transit across the Denver metro region.
  • The CRE will provide rail service between the existing Central Rail Line at 30th • Downing and the East Rail Line at 38th • Blake. This will serve as a way for commuters in central downtown to connect with the line to the airport.
  • Two new stations are proposed: 33rd • Downing and 35th • Downing.
  • Service will be provided by single light rail vehicles that complete round-trips, in-traffic transit operations between 30th • Downing and 38th • Blake.

Project overview

  • As part of the planning process, an Environmental Evaluation (EE) was conducted, including an analysis of alternative alignments and station locations, identification of potential impacts, and a recommendation for ways to minimize any impacts throughout the corridor.
  • 2010: RTD Board of Directors adopted the EE for the Central Rail Extension.
  • 2013: The CRE underwent further analysis, including a study to identify the most feasible transit route and operating plan to provide a direct connection between 38th • Blake and downtown Denver.
  • 2014: The CRE mobility study is complete and provided several options for consideration. Once final funding is identified, final design and construction will begin. In the meantime, basic engineering design started and is expected to be 30 percent complete in 2015.

Central rail extension map

FasTracks Central rail extension Map