Unlimited rides at an unbelievable price.
EcoPass is an annual employer-sponsored pass providing employees unlimited rides on bus and rail. It's a win-win with benefits for both employers and employees.

EcoPass for employees

Easy and affordable

EcoPass offers a number of benefits to employees:

  • Unlimited rides on bus* and rail for up to one year, including the Flatiron Flyer
  • No additional fare for trips to and from the airport on either SkyRide or the University of Colorado A Line
  • Reduces commuting costs and hassles
  • Allows use of pre-tax dollars
  • Saves on cost of parking
  • Automatic enrollment and peace of mind with Guaranteed Ride Home®

* Not valid on special services, including but not limited to Access-a-Ride, BroncosRide, BuffRide, RunRide, Saturday Shopper, and SeniorRide.

Guaranteed Ride Home®

The Guaranteed Ride Home® is an optional benefit that may be added to the EcoPass program and guarantees to employees a free taxi ride home from the office in the event of unplanned schedule changes, illness or other urgent situations. It provides peace of mind to those who choose an alternative mode of transportation to the office.
*Downtown Boulder businesses excluded

Airport Transportation

All trips to and from the airport on either SkyRide or the University of Colorado A Line are included with the EcoPass.


EcoPass utilizes smart card tap on technology making program administration and riding RTD a breeze. Employees are issued their own photo ID EcoPass smart card, which can be easily replaced if the card gets lost or damaged.


Have questions about your card?
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How to use your card

Step 1

Tap your card on a smart card reader, every time you ride, even when transferring to another vehicle.

Bus — Board the bus and tap your card on the smart card reader next to the driver. By default, your ride is logged at the highest service level available (Local, Regional, SkyRide). Tell the driver if you wish a lower service level.

Rail — Locate the smart card reader near the rail platform, press Local, Regional or Airport service and tap your card on the reader.

Step 2

Listen for a tone and watch for a light.

Yellow light — Card is valid. Please show your EcoPass to the bus driver or fare inspector if requested.

Red light — Card is not valid. Use other form of fare payment. If you feel your card should be valid, please contact your card administrator.

EcoPass for employers

EcoPass also offers many benefits to employers:

  • Reduces payroll taxes via a pre-tax benefit
  • Recruitment and retention tool
  • Enhances morale and productivity

Flexible options

We offer three EcoPass convenient options to meet your business needs.

  1. Employer-paid
    Employer pays the entire cost of each EcoPass .
  2. Employee-paid
    Employees can use pre-tax dollars to purchase each EcoPass, reducing both taxable income and payroll taxes
  3. Employer/employee cost sharing
    The costs are split between the employer and employee.

Get started

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By phone: You can speak directly with an EcoPass Sales representative by phone. Just have the information from the 'Get started with EcoPass' form ready and Call 303.299.2132

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